Established 2002

Peer into the IRC in depth.

What is GCL?

A video game community founded in 2002 during the release of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

The Backstory

During the hype surrounding Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem a post was created on GameFAQs message boards inviting people to join an "Eternal Darkness Chat" on AIM.

What started out as a simple hype chat soon became a network of friends who enjoyed playing video games. It wasn't long after the group was entitled The Gamecube Lounge. There was even a GeoCities site!

For over a decade GCL has made it's small mark on the vast internet with message boards, chatrooms, blogs and mounds of other internal community projects. This small place has stood resiliently, keeping in touch and making things interesting for one another.

The Golden Era of GCL is far from over! Why it's just the beginning! In 2015, we've brought forth many new projects and have become more connected than ever before.

You can log out when you want to..... but you can never leave.

What is new? What is new?

The GameCube Lounge launched the perfected version of Game of the Month. Each month the community plays a selected game and can decide to rate and review it. Think of it as a book club but swap the books with video games. There is a new game to be played every month starting on the first!

Many other things have sprung up in 2015. We've got a new bot in the IRC channel that does just about anything a community could hope for... thanks RolfLandale! We just started Poll of the Week on IRC and will log results here on the site! We've even launched the Game Cache as a way to grow funds to make purchasing and playing games with each other easy for all. Wowza, I'd say this place is only looking upward.

- Apple

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