The Legend of GCL: Nourism Historia

April: The first ever GCL Direct is held, and the launch of, along with GCL's Timeline, The Cooperative Zone, & IDs page go live. The Cooperative Zone is a place for GCL users to log completing cooperative games together. IDs keep track of our usernames across various platforms so we don't have to bug eachother all the time.
March: Mario Kart Mondays (Mario Kart 8) begins and gets the most participants in a GCL activity ever (Apple, BigCN, Clank, jyank, ladyjuice, Liz, Mock, muffin, Rawk, Rinkin, Mpsycho, sickeningmark, titiln, WiZz, & Yoshi). Kirby's Block Ball gets 9 completions for GotM but not so stellar reviews with a 57.9% Rating. GCL Lists launches with the first list being everyone’s Top 10 Videogames of All Time. GCL Game Cache also launches as a way to help buy GCL members videogames. GCL Market opens up as a way for users to buy, sell, and gift games to other members. In it’s first transaction, Rawk buys 20 games from Rinkin and someone steals 17 of them in transit after Yoshi warned them to never use USPS.
February: Yoshi, Apple, & gamma launch the final and perfected iteration of Game of the Month, launching with Metroid Zero Mission. It gets 8 completions and a 72.72% Rating.
January: Apple resurrects the GCL Streamlog and continues to be the only one streaming. Food and Fuck Festival launches as a way for community members to gift pizza or other various things to members.

Current Active Members: Apple, Belgarath, BigCN401, Choas, Clank, djk, gamma, jyank, Keero, Kuro, ladyjuice, mad, Mock, Mpsycho, muffin, Mysticlink, Rawk, Rinkin, Roy, sfc, sickeningmark, texanfanatic99, titiln, WiZz, xkrnwannabx, Yoshi

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2014 "!STATS"
October-December: IRC, and GCL as a whole, go through a bit of a dead spell.
June/July: The forums continue to exist in spirit, but basically die off at this point as E3 fuels IRC community activity.
May: Apple launches the GCL Streamlog and streams 10 NES and Family Computer games this month. He quits at the end of the month.
April: In Apple’s natural competitive spirit, after 3 successful months in GotM, he decides on Out of this World in an attempt to one-up jyank on the worst decision ever. No completions except for sfc the hero and GotM dies along with Exp-Share as a whole.
March: GCL Plays Pokemon begins as Kewne joins GCL and codes a workable game up. It promptly dies after 1 day and makes its case for being the biggest failure in GCL History. Morale is down as nothing continues to go right. Kewne disappears forever and sets the record for shortest GCL membership.
February: Indigo Circuit, a subsidiary of Exp-Share, launches to provide a community gaming hub. Putt Putt Party, an online web-based minigolf game, launches first and runs very strong the entire month, but then instantly dies. Tank Tank Tango, the community iteration of Scorched Earth, launches to much less success. No one plays and it becomes another GCL failure. Hedgewars, a Worms clone, launches and runs for about a week before becoming yet another line in a string of GCL failures.
January: IRC Stats begin and somehow greatly improve overall community activity. Apple & gamma launch Exp-Share and the fourth iteration of Game of the Month on New Year's Day. Super Mario Bros. 3 sets the record for most completions with 11. IRC becomes the central hub of GCL, replacing the forums for the first time ever.

Members Joined: sickeningmark, Kewne, Clank, Bim (aznnbim), titiln
Members Parted: Kewne, Phillyfanboy, caex

General: A little bit of minigolf was played at various times during the year. It would lead to Putt Putt Party in 2014. Forums dominate the year's activity.
May: Yoshi runs a Super Smash Bros. Brawl CPU Tournament. mad wins $5 and donates his haul to the Kidney Cancer Association. CLASS ACT.
April: After several months of very few completions, GotM dies after Kirby Super Star. Kirby beats out Samus in the finals of the 2013 Character Battles. Mad wins the Character Battle pick-ems bracket challenge, beating out apple by one point.
January: Game of the Month 3.0 launches on the forums with Turtles in Time and gets 6 completions. 20,000th post is made on the forums.

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General The forums are busy throughout the year.
March: Game of the Month 2.0 becomes the biggest GotM failure and dies with Super Mario World 2. Mock and Rinkin were the only ones to complete it.
February: Mario Kart 7 Fridays runs for the month. Participants are AppleJacks, Francesca, G-unit, jyank, Keero, Mysticlink3, & WiZz. GCL Map is created. Game of the Month 2.0 begins after Rawk suggests Resident Evil 2. There are very few completions.

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General: 2 years with the same board, haa haaa. Main group remains, still active enough to warrant a board.
June: 10,000th post is made on the forums.
April: Apple makes the final post on DangerJuice. Gone but not forgotten. RIP.
February: Apple creates a comic based on some of our forum posts, with 9 members participating. It was a slow year.

Members Joined: Francesca
Members Parted: androo, FFTurismo (Sapples)

November: Apple releases 2 more trading cards on DangerJuice.
September: Following the failure of Phantasy Star II, Treasure of the Rudras puts the final nail in the coffin of Game of the Month 1.0.
August: GotM slightly rebounds with Paper Mario getting 7 completions and an 88% average rating.
July: Widely considered the worst decision in GCL history, jyank selects Phantasy Star II as Game of the Month. It gets 3 completions and an average rating of 2.3%. Yoshi finds it so unbearable that he's unable to play videogames for years following. Apple, Yoshi, and Choas take years off their lives by finishing the game.
June: Game of the Month 1.0 begins on DangerJuice with Crystalis getting 5 completions and a 79.2% average rating.

Members Joined: Kuro, Choas
Members Parted: Phfor

General: Lots of Uno and Trivia in the IRC. Thank you RopeSnake and Boney. Lots of djk1rby7 singing in the Ventrilo. Mock abundant on forums... not really, but he's existent. Caex makes a triumphant return.
September: Anal returns... all GCL members' heads explode... jk.
April: Anal Grimace "retires" from GCL for the 4,000th time.
March: domain expires, and Chubdh's long overdue return to GCL! Ventrilo server lifts off! (ip: | port: 4182) New IRC server lifts off! ( | #gcl)
January: Nourism officially changes back to The GameCube Lounge! The GameCube Lounge boards re-open on (4th and current iteration). Apple creates the Game Log topic for members to discuss what they are currently playing. Apple releases the first set of GCL trading cards.

Members Joined: Ant, G-unit, Nickel, gamma
Members Parted:

General: Failed attempts at revival of boards on The end of the 3rd iteration. Banana accuses Apple of killing boards. Banana's GCL IRC server lives on, but it dies horribly quick.
November: Apple launches DangerJuice, a shitty art blog collaboration with Yoshi, Roy, & djk, slightly resurrecting the community.

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Members Parted: lancelott

2007 "WHIPPED!"
General: New IPB boards created. Fresh start for Nourism (3rd iteration). Lancelott gains control of administrative powers and preaches his wisdom to all.
August/September: The lovers of Nickel, Rusty and Flack the Vicious, try to defend her from Apple as he BANS her for life. After failed attempts of saving her, Flack the Vicious leaves GCL, never to return.

Members Joined: WiZz
Members Parted: Cazull, Pancaekz, Vicious

2006 "LOLZ"
General: Nourism is hacked and destroyed entirely. The end of the 2nd boards. Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing: Wild World continue to be community staples for a good part of the year.
June 6th: The Tanooki is renamed to Nourism.
June 5th: Nourism is renamed to The Tanooki.
June 4th: is purchased.

Members Joined:
Members Parted: JonLon15, DeliDingo

November/December: Lots of Mario Kart DS was played... LOTS (And onward into 2006). First use of Ventrilo in the GCL community. Animal Crossing: Wild World gets some activity as well.
March: is purchased, and GameCube Lounge is renamed Nourism.

Members Joined: Yoshi, Pancaekz, DeliDingo, MysticLink
Members Parted:

2004 "THE MOVE"
General: GameCube Lounge boards move from DK3 to Tehnick. Board transitioned from PHPBB to IPB. (2nd iteration)

Members Joined: Banana (TehNick), The Names Exodus, Phfor
Members Parted: All Eyez on E (DJMyzterE), Kirby040, KirbyWooosh, LancerSTFU, Brandon129899, UrtFink, Duras, Super Dark Ninja, PlasmaSlug, SoulBlade, ZeldaFanatic86

December: Final update to the Geocities GCL website was made. RIP.
July: Geocities GCL website begins construction.
Early 2003: The first true GCL boards open up thanks to DK3 services. (1st iteration)

Members Joined: Roybot (BlackFyreRoy), Rinkin, JonLon15 (Unix X11 on AIM), Androo, LancerSTFU, Brandon129899, FFTurismo (Sapples), Cazull (Jay And Bob), Keero, UrtFink, Duras, PhillyFanboy, Super Dark Ninja, Jyank, Mario2485
Members Parted: AznLink090, ShadowLionhrt85

June 24th: Eternal Darkness is released in North America. It is some short time close to Eternal Darkness' release when GCL was formed!
June: Eternal Darkness hype chat is created via GameFAQs. AznLink090, ShadowLionhrt85, & AppleJax222 meet. AznLink090 creates GameCube Lounge AIM chat and posts chat on GameFAQs.

Members Joined: AppleJuice (AppleJax222), djk1rby7 (izR3y), Lancelott (Insanity Requiem), Ministry of Cube (Mock), Anal Grimace (Rawk), All Eyez on E (DJMyzterE), AznLink090, ShadowLionhrt85, Kirby040, KirbyWooosh, PlasmaSlug, Mpsycho, SoulBlade, ZeldaFanatic86